Being born and raised in Burbank CA, the heart of studio entertainment, Leone was bred into the music industry. He started studying piano/jazz theory at a young age and picked up guitar, bass, and even a little saxophone along the way. But the moment things changed for Leone was when he found his voice.

Burbank has the best public school show choirs in the nation. In fact the TV show ‘Glee’ was inspired by the John Burroughs High School choirs. Leone was a lead soloist in the top group at Burroughs, and arranged choral pieces for them all through high school. During that time his choir would perform on the Oprah Winfrey show, NBC’s ‘The Voice’, at the Hollywood Bowl, and even lead two tours in Beijing and Hong Kong China representing the US! This training gave Leone a performance maturity that supersedes expectations for his age.

The most distinct traits to this LA Italians music are his uplifting, change inciting lyrics, and a vocal tone rooted in African-American soul music.

“I’m not a ‘blue-eyed soul’ artist. My sound is that of the roots of soul music. Besides…my eyes are green”

A quirky, charismatic and passionate heart for others is what makes Leone unique in today’s music culture. His Philly Soul meets west coast hip-hop vibe is not only refreshing, but a clear standout in upcoming young artists.